Understanding Our Clients' Needs
We aim to visit our client’s office and hold in-depth discussions with all the executives who will be involved in selecting the candidate(s). Naturally, we analyse the position in question - its purpose, its dimensions and its relationship to other key positions - but we also seek to understand  

[1] the unique philosophy, style and culture of the company,
[2] the distinctive position of the company within its particular industry and
[3] the future development of the company, as these issues affect the specific position.  

This knowledge of our client’s situation is vital in helping us to explain with confidence the opportunity presented by the available position to potential candidates, thus meriting their utmost trust. This mutual understanding also ensures an appointment compatible with the company’s longterm needs as well as fulfilling its immediate ones.   

Our Method of Search
At key executive levels, we believe newspaper advertising to be inappropriate and inefficient. This means of communication reaches only jobseekers who represent just a small portion of potential candidates. A company runs the real and substantial risk of

[1] spending time and money without making an appointment or

[2] making the mistake of appointing a person who, while reasonably competent, is not of the calibre of those who might have been available had they been searched out and approached.  

The method of executive search which we have developed over many years of experience throughout Europe and Russia proves these risks can be eliminated. Our outstanding track record in the field of key executive recruitment is based upon a two-part methodology:

[1] we gain a thorough understanding in situ and from scratch of each client’s unique recruiting requirements, and

[2] we apply a rigorous, exhaustive and systematic approach to meeting these specific requirements.     

Our Method of Selection
Our consultants carefully check the background of the successful candidate through rigorously conducted reference checks to ensure that his/her claims are verified and that his/her personality has been correctly assessed.

Our exhaustive consideration of all likely candidates is the reason why we can never promise a quick solution to a recruitment problem. Professional search consultancy takes time. We generally indicate, however, that a searchwill take some eight to twelve weeks for a successful appointment, although this can vary in certain cases.  

About Our Fee Structure
Our credibility would suffer if our income were wholly dependent upon the ultimate appointment of a candidate; therefore, we adhere strictly to a non-contingent fee structure.  

A fixed fee is agreed upon with the client in advance and is never subsequently varied unless the specification is substantially altered.  

The fee is payable in three equal installments, the first installment being due upon authorization of the assignment.  

Guarantee: Should our candidate leave his new job within one year we will replace him for a fee which amounts to 50% of the fee for which he was hired.